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False Colours 

Plural Noun

1. a flag to which one is not entitled, flown especially in order to deceive.

"The ship was sailing under false colours."

2. an assumed or misleading name or guise.

to trade under False Colours.

False Colours are an electro-acoustic folk duo consisting of David on the lesser seen electric and acoustic tenor guitars and Polly on the bass (both on vocals with harmonies galore!). 


Hailing from Sudbury in Suffolk, their catchy, melodic music is consistently described as "unique," and their performances “entertaining.” Having begun performing together as a duo on the Sudbury acoustic scene in April 2018, they quickly gained attention from local radio stations including BBC Introducing in Suffolk and have gone onto perform at some of East Anglia’s best and coolest festivals including FolkEast (Soapbox Stage 2018 and 2019), Harlequin Fayre and Cosmic Puffin, and tour many of the region’s wonderful and varied folk clubs, one of their highlights being at Ely Folk Club where they supported the lovely (and herself very supportive) Miranda Sykes of Show of Hands. False Colours were also inducted into the hall of fame at the 2019 NMG Awards at the Apex in Bury St. Edmunds, for completing a twenty week stint in the Cambridge 105 Radio Unsigned Chart.


“I think this is my top song for 2018 [Make Yourself a Sandwich] ... I spent a good two hours yesterday just watching everything  [False Colours content] online and listening to the EP and I’m a fan! I love folk music and feel like this is great. These are great artists and I’m all in!”

Angelle Joseph, Presenter, BBC Introducing in Suffolk (speaking live on air on the Boxing Day Special 2018)


The duo pride themselves on their innovative and varied songwriting, creating a completely original and attention grabbing set of songs that somehow manage to have both a modern and traditional folk feel. The songs are always delivered with good natured humour, (laughs at False Colours gigs are guaranteed!) but also professionalism and craft that comes from their years of musical study (grades to degree level on various instruments) and their work as professional musicians.


“Unique and captivating.”

Amy Wragg, Get on the Soapbox

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What our audiences say:

"It's rare that I recommend any band but what I find so wonderful about Polly and Dave is that they are truly unique in what they do. This is real original music played and sung from the heart and mind and delivered with a huge amount of charm and warmth. I would book them any day."
Dan Fraser

"Superb! I highly recommend checking this talented pair out. They were my favourite part of LeeStock. I loved the humour, great songs and the overall sound was superb."
Becky Louise

"Quality duo. Such a full sound. Lovely harmonies and refreshingly unique."
Jonny Day

"Individually talented but put them together - wow, what a fantastic sound. Wonderful harmonies."
Arthur Dalgleish

"One of the best bands on the folk scene today."
David's Mum


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