The Storm/The Road

This video has two songs. Both brand new ones at the time of writing. The first of the two 'The Storm' is our attempt to be very musically ambitious with its 5/4 time signature and minor verses followed by major choruses. 'The Road' is one of our favourites, a duet rammed full of harmonies and pretty melodies... well so we think!


The video comes from an August 2019 performance at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket.  

Another Way

LeeStock was one of the first festivals we ever performed at as False Colours back in 2018. We were invited back in 2019 (always a good sign!) where we give this brand new for 2019 song 'Another Way' one of it's first runs out. A particularly challenging guitar part not helped by David forgetting the chords at one point!

End of Us

We've had a brilliant time performing at FolkEast over the past couple of years, but 2019 was particularly good fun with a late night slot on the Saturday night and fantastic crowd! This song was written in the run up to the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016. It is about the division caused by that referendum and the fear of what it might lead to. Fears that have been realised with the current (as of September 2019) paralysis that has engulfed politics! To quote the other song we wrote on this subject 'Pictures' it makes no sense at all!

Note the crowd (some tunefully, some less so... its all good though!) singing along!

The Sidmouth Song

This song was written in Sidmouth, it's not actually about Sidmouth though. We just called it that in case it helps get us a gig at the Sidmouth Folk Festival.  This performance also comes from FolkEast 2019.

Make Yourself a Sandwich

We came... we saw... we didn’t quite conquer... and so we burnt the place to the ground! Just joking of course...


In March 2019 we entered the Cambridge Band Competition at the Portland Arms in Cambridge, and although we didn't win our heat (congratulations of course to heat winners DodoBones), it wasn't all bad for us! We sold out of CDs and it looks likely that we’ll find our way to Strawberry Fair via other avenues as a result of our performance. We got a fantastic response from the audience who laughed, applauded and listened attentively throughout! Thanks to all who said such lovely things to us, you made our night.

Autumn Ayre

We began recording live music videos in the countryside in the Spring of 2018 using our brilliant battery powered PA system. We had however decided it would be better to record our song 'Autumn Ayre' in an Autumnal setting instead of a Spring one, so fast forward six months to November 2018 and here it is... a video of 'Autumn Ayre' recorded in Autumn amongst Autumnal countryside. Autumn. 

Feeling Low?

Back in April 2018 we recorded this iPhone video of 'Feeling Low?' using our brand new battery powered PA system in Kone Vale, Ballingdon. We'd only performed live once as False Colours at this point, so we're a little rusty and we clearly didn't tune properly, but the video got us a lot of love on Facebook and did showcase what we are all about.

We used this video as our application to perform on the Soapbox Stage at FolkEast. We're very pleased to say our application was successful. Huzzah!

Here's Something

Here we are performing at Bobstock in September 2018. The song is our first single 'Here's Something' in another iPhone video. 

Bobstock is an annual festival organised by Bob! The event takes place in Kedington Community Hall in the village of Kedington near Haverhill. They actually have a brilliant stage inside the hall, but it was such a nice day that everyone was outside around the BBQ in the field. We said to Bob that we had our own battery powered PA and we'd bring the music to them outside. We got a great response from that crowd and we really enjoyed performing there!

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